Settling In

A child’s first few days at nursery can not only be difficult for the child but can also create
worry and anxiety for parents. We are dedicated to making the transition as smooth
and relaxed as possible. We have a gradual separation policy and a child-settling
period which will be reviewed and determined on an individual basis.

Preparation for your child’s first days begins before the start of a term. Parents and children
are invited to spend a morning at Home Grown Nursery where they will be encouraged
to explore the space together, meet staff, other parents and their children.

Teachers and staff will work closely with parents during this sensitive and important time.
Should a child have a difficult separation, we will arrange a home visit to enable the child
to bond with their teacher in a more comfortable environment. The important thing
to remember is that these are days to be cherished and this step is one
you and your child will take together.