Our Environment

At Home Grown Children’s Eco Nursery, a team of educational, design, environmental
and childcare specialists have worked closely together to develop an indoor and outdoor space,
inspired by nature, to maximise your child's sensory, physical, intellectual and personal
experiences. Every detail has been considered so parents can enjoy peace of mind
whilst your little ones can explore, play, learn and have fun.


The interior of our nursery has been designed to create a stimulating, secure and vibrant
environment. Inspired by natural terrains, each room has been decorated to reflect
important components of Planet Earth. Where possible we have selected resources
and toys made from organic, natural and sustainable materials. Non-toxic wall paint
and eco-friendly flooring help to create a safe home-away-from-home experience.


A large outdoor space was vital to us when choosing the location for Home Grown Nursery.
Here in Dubai children can have limited access to the outdoors and natural environments,
which is why we have created exciting, safe, stimulating and beautiful surroundings
for your children to enjoy.

Whilst exploring our sensory garden your child can discover the power and uses of wind,
create art using natural mediums and listen to the sounds of nature. Children can develop coordination
and physical strength while playing on a terrain of recycled rubber and green play equipment,
walking and exploring one of many nature trails or listening to stories about the great outdoors
in one of our open-air classrooms. The ‘Little Green Fingers’ programme teaches children
how to grow and take care of plants in our organic vegetable patch and enjoy helping
the fruits of nature blossom. There is always something new and exciting to discover.