At Home Grown Children’s Eco Nursery, health and safety is paramount, whether for children,
parents or staff. We work hard to minimise hazards and enable children to thrive in the right
environment. Parents and staff are informed of potential issues in all that we do.
We involve children in this process through discussions and activities, and an allocated member
of staff is always responsible for monitoring anything that affects health and safety.

Safety Measures

Children are supervised at all times.

A member of staff is always present
at the door when children arrive and leave the nursery.

Electric points are guarded.

Fire drills are carried out at least
once a term. Every individual present is
registered so that a record is available
in the event of an emergency.

Fire-doors are clearly marked,
never obstructed and easily
opened from inside.

Fire-fighting appliances
are checked regularly.

Emergency-evacuation procedures are
clearly displayed throughout the nursery
and explained to new members
of staff and parents.

All equipment and resources are
regularly checked to ensure that they
are safe, functional, hygienic
and non-toxic.

Security Measures

All our staff are background-checked
by the UAE authorities.

Security systems are in place
for when children arrive and leave
the nursery.

Entry and exit times of visitors
are recorded.

All parents and persons authorised to
collect children must be registered with
Home Grown and will be provided
with a security badge.

Our outdoor area is securely fenced,
checked for safety on a daily basis
and supervised at all times.

All electrical equipment, lighting and
ventilation conform to safety standards
and are checked regularly.

First Aid, Illness
or Accidents

A qualified nurse is always
on premises during school hours.

Upon admission to Home Grown,
parents' written permission
for emergency medical advice
or treatment is sought.

Prescribed drugs are stored in their
original containers, clearly labelled and
inaccessible to children, with written
permission for the administration of
medication. Administration is recorded
and parents are required to sign
the record book to acknowledge
administration of any medicine.

Children are requested to stay at
home if they have an infection.
Parents or carers must inform the
nursery of the reason for a child's absence.

We recommend 48 hours after an attack
of sickness/diarrhea before sending
a child back to nursery.

An Accident Book is filled on a regular
basis and is reviewed at least twice a
term to identify potential hazards.

Emergency contact details are retained,
alongside records of allergies,
dietary requirements and illnesses.

Due to the dangers of exposing children
to direct sunlight, sun screen lotion is
recommended to be applied to children
before they arrive at Home Grown.
Staff will also, with permission,
re-apply if necessary.

All children are required to wear a sun
hat outside during hot sunny days with
the child's name marked on the inside.