Communication with Parents

A child’s overall development can be greatly enhanced through regular and effective
communication between teachers and parents. We see parents as important and vital partners.
We encourage any form of feedback that will help us to focuson or improve the support
we provide for your child. Parents will be frequently updated on daily class activities
and how to extend learning at home, along with information about your child’s progress
and participation in activities. Other methods of communication with parents include:

A parent/teacher notebook where comments can be passed
between teachers and parents.

Weekly updates on your child’s timetable of activities.

Daily interaction between parents, staff and teachers.

Formal written feedback of your child’s progress, once a term.

Information about how you can continue your child’s learning
and development at home.

Parent and teacher evenings.

In compliance with our eco policies, parents are given
the option to receive letters in electronic or paper format.