Our Vision and Values

We believe that children can make a positive impact on Planet Earth through their actions and attitude. We aim to instill
values that will continue to be with them throughout their lives. Using the British Early Years Foundation Stages as our
framework, we have developed a unique holisticand engaging approach called The Green Engagement Programme, which focuses
on generating in children a respectand awareness for themselves, others and the world around them.


To instill a sense of wonder about the
world, from children's backgrounds
and communities to their surroundings.
To open children's eyes so that they
can see and value the beauty of the
world we live in.


To encourage children to explore their
surroundings using all of their senses
and ask questions which will help them
appreciate and respect life in all forms.


To provide children with informative,
appropriate and personalised knowledge
which will build a foundation that will allow
intellect to blossom at an individual pace.


To promote positive and respectful
attitudes towards all living things.


To be inspired by motherly instincts
and the love of nature. To develop
children's innate ability to love
and be loved.


To create a lively, stimulating and fun
environment where children enjoy every
aspect of their nursery experience.
To create shared memories that
will last a lifetime.

At Home Grown Children's Eco Nursery we strive to promote a holistic learning atmosphere
for children. We apply a natural process that promotes self-development and esteem
in an environmentally-conscious habitat.

We believe in introducing an understanding of our world to young children in a way
that engages and intrigues them. This encourages a sense of responsibility and teaches them
to respect all living things and their surroundings.

Our space provides children with a perfect platform to experience and develop their senses
in a natural setting. Children are taught to embrace the simple joys of life such as
nature walks in our garden, playing in the sand area, gardening in our organic patch
or sitting in our outdoor quiet corners observing their surroundings. Time spent surrounded
by nature can promote a sense of balance and calmness in a child and also improves focus,
concentration and most importantly health.

We endorse the idea that we are citizens of the world. Being fortunate enough to live in a city
exploding with multicultural diversity, we encourage children to learn about different cultures
by celebrating global days and sharing different traditions from around the globe.


As part of our CSR programme we support the charity 'Harmony House', a day shelter
for street children in India, operated by the founder of this nursery.