Calendar for 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Winter Term 2018

Family Days
Wed 5th Sept and Thurs 6th Sept
Term Starts
Sunday 9th September
Islamic New Year*
Tuesday 11th September*
Half Term
Sunday 21st Oct – Thurs 25th Oct
Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday
Tuesday 20th November*
Martyr’s Day and National Day
Thurs 30th Nov – Sun 2nd Dec*
End of Term
Thursday 13th December

Spring Term 2019

Start of Term 2
Sunday 6th January
Half Term
Sun 17th Feb – Thurs 21st Feb
End of Term
Thursday 28th March

Summer Term 2019

Term Starts
Sunday 14th April
Ramadan starts*
Monday 6th May*
Eid al Fitr
Tues 4th June – Thurs 6th June*
End of Term
Thursday 4th July

*National Day Holiday and Islamic Observances: Actual dates to be confirmed.

*Spring Camp and Summer Camp dates will be emailed to parents in February and May 2019.

*Please note that as per MOE requirements, Home Grown will be implementing staff training days during the academic year.
Term dates will remain as per this calendar, however staff training dates will be confirmed in September.

*Please note this calendar is subject to change.